Literature in Bavaria

Literature enjoys a high priority in Bavaria and is promoted with many different programmes

Erlangen poetry festival 2012
Erlangen poetry festival 2012

Bavaria’s literary landscape is characterised by its tradition, which dates back several centuries, as well as its present variety and quality.

Literary life in Bavaria is sustained by the producers, communicators and promoters of literature: first and foremost the authors themselves, then publishing houses and book stores, public and academic libraries, community colleges, universities and academies, private institutions, churches, the press, radio and television, literary clubs, societies and associations, communities, towns, and last but not least the state.

Bavarian policy regarding the promotion of literature is on the one hand to support the work of authors, and on the other hand to promote the communication of literature and to improve the access to literature.

This policy is based on the Bavarian Constitution, which stipulates the following in Article 140: "Art and science shall be furthered by the State and Municipalities. In particular they shall provide resources in support of creative artists, scholars or writers who can demonstrate their artistic or cultural activity.”